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Our reputation has been built on traditions of integrity, confidentiality and efficiency. The firm prides itself on its friendly and professional approach to its clients. The policy of the firm is to give efficient service at a reasonable cost.


P O'Connor & Son approaches all problems in a confident and modern way, endeavoring to reach practical and cost-efficient solutions to all problems. Teams are assigned to work on matters thereby drawing on the many different areas of expertise of our lawyers and staff.


In 1993, the firm was awarded the Quality Mark for services by the Irish Quality Association. The then president of Ireland, Mary Robinson, presented the Irish Quality Association's National Award for services to the firm in 1995.




Family Law







Notary Public






The prospect of litigation and court appearances may be daunting to those not familiar with the legal system in Ireland. P. O'Connor & Son has decades of experience in the preparation of court papers and in presenting cases to the courts. The firm will also guide and assist you in an application to the Personal Injuries Assessment Board (PIAB).


Life has its uncertainties and unforeseen problems. Should you find yourself needing to take or defend a legal action, the firm has an experienced legal team at your disposal.


The firm advises on:


- Commercial law

- Breach of contract

- Banking

- Employment Law

- Public Law

- Professional Negligence

- Judicial review

- Product liability*

- Employers liability*

- Debt collection



*"In contentious business a solicitor may not calculate fees or other charges as a percentage or proportion of any award or settlement"

- Defamation

- Abuse

- Immigration law

- And other areas of law

- Landlord and tenant

- Injunctions

- Unfair dismissal

- Licensing

- Criminal Law

- Road traffic accidents*

- Personal injuries claims*

- Medical negligence*

- Compensation for injury, loss and damage*

- Professional negligence


For more information and advice on Litigation contact our office.



The corporate and commercial department of P. O’Connor & Son offers experienced and talented staff who strive for success on behalf of its clients. The success and satisfaction of a client is a measure of the firm’s ability to provide a quality legal service. The firm prides itself on being one of the firms to offer corporate and commercial legal services in the West of Ireland. Working with P. O’Connor & Son means that you are dealing with someone who is dedicated to you and the success of the work you entrust to the firm.


The firm advises on:


- Business and Commercial Matters

- Taxation

- Dispute Resolution

- Commercial Property

- Family Law

- Probate/ Administration of Estates

- Intellectual Property

- Banking Law



- Debt Recovery

- Partnerships / Joint Venture

- Competition Law

- Litigation and Commercial Litigation

- European Law

- Corporate Enforcement

- Company Mergers and Acquisitions

- Health and Safety


- Employment Law

- Criminal Law to Include Corporate Offenses

- Information Technology

- Compulsory Purchase / Acquisition

- Planning and Environmental

- Charity Law

- Commercial Contracts

- Licensing

For more information and advice on Corporate Law contact our office.

Family Law


Legislative developments in Ireland have radically altered the law relating to marriage, separation and divorce. P. O'Connor & Son have a thorough understanding of the rights and duties relating to marriage, parenting and separation. The firm takes a sympathetic approach to the difficult situations family members find themselves in and offers a confidential, independent and impartial view on domestic issues.


This firm advises on:


- Separation agreements

- Judicial separation

- Divorce

- Nullity

- Domestic violence


- Guardianship of infants

- Access to children

- Maintenance

- Custody

For more information and advice on Family Law contact our office.

Property Law


In contemporary Ireland, re-location has become a regular occurrence. Whether you are buying your first home or investing in a multi-million euro development, we aim to ensure the smooth conduct of property transactions. With many years of experience in conveyancing, the firm offers a comprehensive service in relation to the sale and purchase of commercial and residential property.


P. O'Connor & Son can provide assistance in relation to:


- Buying and selling houses

- Preparation of tenancy agreements and leases

- Planning appeals and compensation

- Compulsory purchase acquisitions

- Buying and selling farms, forestry and fisheries

- Buying and selling pubs and shops

- Buying and selling restaurants and hotels

- Property developments

- The firm also offers advice on all property related taxation and licensing matters.

For more information and advice on Property Law contact our office.



P. O’Connor & Son has acted in the administration of estates since 1900.


In a complex society of one parent families, same sex relationships, co-habiting couples, second marriages and second families, extra marital children, carers and so forth, the importance of making a will to provide for loved ones has never been so relevant. The administration of estates has never been so complex.


This firm deals with:


- Wills

- Grants of Probate

- Grants of letters of Administration

- Other Grants of Representation

- Non-Resident Executors

- Trusts

- Circuit Court Applications - Section 61(7) of Registration of Title Act, 1964

- Powers of Attorney



- Family Settlements

- Capital Acquisition Tax - Gifts and Inheritances

- Capital Gains Tax

- Section 117 applications

- Will disputes

- Claims by Department of Social Community and  Family Affairs

- Joint property

For more information and advice on Probate contact our office.

Agriculture Law


The farming community has long since recognized the value of sound legal advice. Partnership law, arbitration, taxation and such concepts heretofore associated with the commercial world have become increasingly relevant in the business of agricultural.


P. O’Connor & Son is happy to advise and assist in relation to:


- Transfer of Farms

- Rights of Residence, Support and Maintenance

- Stamp Duty - Young Trained Farmer Relief

- Gift Tax/Inheritance Tax - Agricultural Relief

- Capital Gains Tax - Retirement Relief

- Wills

- Probate / Administration of Estates

- Marital Breakdown and The Farm

- Banking Law and Mortgage



- Turbary Rights

- Employment Matters

- Planning and Environmental Law

- Property Law - Purchases and Sales

- Powers of Attorney / Enduring Powers

- Sub-Division / Amalgamation of Farms

- Special Areas of Conservation

- Agistment / Conacre Agreements

- Health & Safety

- Personal Injury On The Farm

- Revenue Prosecutions

- Single Farm Entitlements

- Farm Partnerships

- Transfer of Sites

- Farm / Agricultural Leases

- Compulsory Purchase / Acquisition

- Rights of Way / Wayleaves / Easements

For more information and advice on Agricultural Law contact our office.

Renewable Energy


Centrally located in County Mayo P. O’Connor & Son has developed its practice to meet the requirements of the business community and the growing renewable energy sector. The exploitation of wind and wave energy on the Mayo, Sligo, Donegal and Galway coastlines presents new legal challenges and benefits.


P. O’Connor & Son is fast becoming a market leader in the provision of legal services to the renewable energy sector dealing with:


- Option Agreements

- Leases

- Rights of Way / Turbary / Easements

- Acquisition of Freehold

- CER Licensing

- Planning Permission

- Environmental Law


- Company Formation

- Shareholders Agreements

- Share Purchase Agreements

- Banking and Security

- Turnkey Contracts

- Warranty, Operation and

- Maintenance Agreements

For more information and advice on Renewable Energy legal matters contact our office.

Notary Public


A Notary Public is a public officer constituted by law to serve the public in non-contentious matters usually concerned with foreign or international business.


     - A Notary Public is empowered by law and by custom and usage of notaries to:

     - Administer Oaths

     - Attest Signatures

     - Authenticate Documents

     - Give Notarial Acts

     - Take Affidavits

     - Take Affirmations and Declarations

     - Receive and make protests under Mercantile Law, and issue notarial certificates in respect of documents and persons.


The Code of Conduct for Notaries Public in Ireland obliges Notaries as a matter of good practice to establish the identity of all persons appearing before them to conduct notarial business.


The Notary Public will require the following forms of identity:

      1. Passport or Driving Licence


      2. a Utility bill recently issued.


For Notary Public advice contact our office to make an appointment with: Patrick O’Connor or Samantha Geraghty


Further information can be found on The Faculty of Notary Public website.

Alternative Dispute Resolution




utilises a neutral third party to hear a dispute between parties. The hearing is informal. The parties mutually select the arbitrator. The arbitrator is retained to determine how to settle disputes. The decision is final and binding on the parties. Arbitration is more cost efficient and quicker than litigation.


Patrick O’Connor is an arbitrator and authorative negotiator. He is on the arbitration panel of a number of bodies including the Law Society of Ireland.


William O’Connor is an arbitrator with a Diploma in Arbitration from the Smurfit Business School in UCD.


For more information on arbitration contact our office.




is a private and confidential dispute resolution process in which an independent and neutral third party, the Mediator, seeks to help the parties to reach a mutually acceptable negotiated agreement. The process usually involves some level of briefing of the Mediator before the Mediation. The Mediation may be attended by a ‘decision maker’ for each party as well as their legal advisors, relevant experts and insurers (if any). The process is voluntary and either party can withdraw at any time. However, if a settlement is reached it is legally binding.


P. O’Connor & Son are experienced in commercial, family and other types of mediation.


For more information and advice on mediation contact our office.




is an alternative out-of-court dispute resolution mechanism. It is a voluntary proceeding, where the parties involved are free to agree and attempt to resolve their dispute by conciliation. The process is flexible, allowing parties to define the time, structure and content of the conciliation proceedings. A mediator, by contrast, will in most cases and as a matter of principle, refrain from making such a proposal. They are interest-based, as the conciliator will when proposing a settlement, not only take into account the parties' legal positions, but also their; commercial, financial and / or personal interests.

The main difference between conciliation and mediation proceedings is that, at some point during the conciliation, the conciliator will be asked by the parties to provide them with a non-binding settlement proposal. Like in mediation proceedings, the ultimate decision to agree on the settlement remains with the parties.


P. O’Connor & Son are experienced advisors in conciliation and will represent clients throughout the process and offer advice on any conciliation proposals offered by the conciliator. For more information on Conciliation contact our office.


For more information and advice Alternative Dispute Resolution contact our office.



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