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The policy of this firm is to give clients an efficient service with integrity at a reasonable cost. P. O'Connor & Son offers an experienced and talented legal team. The success and satisfaction of a client is a measure of the firm's ability to provide a quality legal service.

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Our reputation has been built on traditions of integrity, confidentiality and efficiency. The firm prides itself on its friendly and professional approach to its clients. The policy of the firm is to give efficient service at a reasonable cost.


P O'Connor & Son approaches all problems in a confident and modern way, endeavoring to reach practical and cost-efficient solutions to all problems. Teams are assigned to work on matters thereby drawing on the many different areas of expertise of our lawyers and staff.


Our lawyers and staff have achieved excellence in their respective areas of expertise and have proven track records.


P O'Connor & Son appreciates the value of good training and offers trainee contracts to carefully selected candidates. Our trainees receive excellent training and guidance under careful supervision, leaving them equipped to deal with any challenges that they may face in their legal careers.


In 1993, the firm was awarded the Quality Mark for services by the Irish Quality Association. The then president of Ireland, Mary Robinson, presented the Irish Quality Association's National Award for services to the firm in 1995.


If you would like to seek our advice or opinion on any matter please contact us. We would be delighted to assist you in whatever way we can.


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The firm was founded in December 1900 by Patrick O'Connor (1875-1942). He was a member of a prominent business family in Swinford, County Mayo and president of the Mayo Solicitors' Bar Association from 1932 to 1942.


The O'Connor family has a long tradition in legal practice in Ireland. Thomas V. O'Connor (1916-1988) was a solicitor, coroner and the President of the Law Society of Ireland in 1972. John W. O'Connor (1918-1978) was a barrister and a Circuit Court Judge. Moya O'Connor (1917-1998) was a solicitor and deputy coroner.


Patrick O'Connor, the current managing partner, is a solicitor, coroner and notary public. In 1998, he was president of the Law Society of Ireland. He has three brothers all of whom are practising lawyers based in Dublin.

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